Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I write to you now, Gentle Reader, from my office, in which I have the windows open and a fresh breeze coming through. What's this, Ms. Reads? you ask. Yes, Friends. It's official. Fall is on Its Way. It is currently 64 degrees Fahrenheit in my oven-like little corner of my vast state, and although it will get up to 88 degrees today, that is a far cry from the 102 we saw last week.

Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite season. I've lived in the South all of my life which means I've really never experienced Fall. Leaves change... sort of. The temperature drops... a bit. But Fall brings all the things I love: Halloween, sweaters, crumply leaves, pumpkin spice coffee, school (yes, school—do remember that Your Humble Narrator is A Nerd of the Highest Order), and the prelude to all great things in December, including Christmas (presents!), my birthday (more presents!), and the tiny possibility of That Freak Snowstorm That May Hit Us.

I've never had a White Christmas, Gentle Reader, and Mr. Reads tells me I am Missing Out. I grew up in the South, have lived here all of my life, and while we've had two freak snowstorms I can think of, neither of them produced enough to leave anything on the ground. Mr. Reads, from Ohio himself, is horrified to think that the future Baby Readses may not know what it is to snow-sled or snowball fight or wear such large coats that they can't put their arms down (gratitude, A Christmas Story). Since my Christmas memories are tangled up in something quite different, I myself am worried that the future Baby Readses will not know what it's like to wear shorts on Christmas morning.

We all have our different traditions, no?

But above all else, except maybe Halloween, Fall means The Fall Lineup. Yes, Friends, our shows return to us after a summer hiatus, and we are ready to see what the new season brings.

Currently, Mr. Reads and I watch the following:
Battlestar Galactica
Family Guy
Gilmore Girls
The Office
The Sopranos (whenever it returns!)

We've lost Alias and Arrested Development in the last year, and have given up on Prison Break and Supernatural. We're interested in Heroes (sort of), The Traveler (probably), and a few others here and there. But I really can't imagine adding to my lineup any more than this, and Mr. Reads also has his daily dose of Stewart and Colbert to contend with.

Gentle Reader, can you believe I've yet to see the finale from last season? I was Researching In London at the time, and I've got the VHS tape still waiting to go. I can't explain it, either. I adore 24, and this season, in particular, was phenomenal. No Kim trapped by a cougar; no wishy-washy feelings about Chloe. Just straight up "Dammit!" goodness.

Battlestar Galactica
Of all of my shows, I am most interested in Battlestar Galactica. I didn't expect much from it when I first started watching, and the pilot/mini-series didn't wow me at all, but I was sucked in before I could sneeze and here I am, in awe over this odd little show.

Family Guy
I consider FG to be Smarter Than The Simpsons, and I know some of my Loyal Readers will Cry Foul over such a comparison. But it's just true. FG takes it farther than the Simpsons ever does, and just when you reach that point of annoyance, it takes it one step farther and you're laughing again.

Gilmore Girls
Lorelai, Lorelai, Lorelai!!! Why, why must you break my heart so? And Luke? What is going on in that crazy brain of yours? It's the last season for my Stars Hollow crew, and I am going to miss this show like crazy. But it's been a good run, and I've been there since the beginning. Let's just get these two together already!

Hm. Until that final episode, I was about done with this show. Not because it wasn't good, but because I got tired of the tease. I'm all for character development; most of the shows and books and comics I read are centered around it. But Lost was playing it a little too close to the chest, and I was getting frustrated. But now, four toes? Egad!

The Office
This show just gets better and better every episode, and if you aren't watching, then you must begin, forthwith. Trust me on this. I know good story when I see it.

If you can recommend any of the new shows, Dear Reader, then please, do that very thing. I'd like to know if I'm missing out on anything spectacular. As mentioned, I am very curious about Heroes, but I don't know if it's the superhero factor, or the Milo Ventimiglia factor. He's no Christian Bale (This Humble Author's Celebrity Swoon), but he's a good actor, and a cutie-pie of the highest order.


At 10:38 AM, Blogger Loren said...

I highly recommend Heroes as I saw the 72 minute uncut pilot episode at Comic-Con and it looks absolutely awesome. There's lots going on and it looks like there's also a mystery involved as to how these heroes are connected.

Also, you might want to check out The 4400 on USA. It just wrapped up the 3rd season and it's one of those cliffhanger endings. So, you'd probably have to start at the beginning. But, it's actually really good.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Amy Reads said...

Hi Loren,
Excellent news regarding Heroes! I will certainly check it out when it comes up. Thanks for the recommendation :)
re: The 4400, I watched the first season, and wasn't overwhelmed by it. It's one of those shows that I will come back to one day, but until then, I need to finish X-Files (which I'm only on the 6th season of).

At 9:16 PM, Blogger Matthew E said...

I'm planning on adding Heroes, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and (not prime time, but still) Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes this year. But what exactly is your excuse for not watching Veronica Mars, the best show on television?

At 9:16 PM, Blogger Matthew E said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 9:52 PM, Blogger Amy Reads said...

Hi Matt,
I tried, I really, really tried to like Veronica Mars. It has one of the greatest pilots in all of tv history. The second episode? Also great. And then by the third and fourth, I completely lost interest. It just turned into "that show" for me.
Now here's the true dilemma. All of the Smart People I Know love Veronica Mars. I tend to trust The Smart People. So I think I need to give it another whirl, yes?
How's the scuttlebutt on Legion? Curious!

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Matthew E said...

How's the scuttlebutt on Legion? Curious!

Um... well, the style of animation is, to say the least, going to take some getting used to. And the cast of characters is uncomfortably small. And the whole Superman/Superboy thing is kind of an unwelcome distraction. But if they tell good stories all the rest will be forgiven, and there's a lot of optimism in that area. Really I'm not the guy to ask; my esteemed counterpart Michael at The Legion Omnicom has been doing yeoman's work in compiling information about the show.

As for Veronica Mars, if you saw and liked the first couple of episodes, you don't need me to sell you on it any more than that. I don't remember what it is about the third and fourth episodes that might have turned you off, but in my opinion the whole first season was of the same high quality of the first couple of episodes, and the second season not far behind that. Perhaps you could borrow or rent the first season DVDs?

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Amy Reads said...

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for the news re: Legion! I'm reading Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes, but I'm not that crazy about it. I think I'm reading it more for Supergirl than for the Legion (mea culpa! mea culpa!).

And you said, Perhaps you could borrow or rent the first season DVDs?

Mr. Reads and I are Netflix subscribers, so I think that yes, I should give it another run. I think for me, when I hit those 3rd and 4th episodes, it stopped being daring. It felt like the show decided to stay "safe" rather than in your face like eps 1 and 2. But again, Smart People such as yourself keeping telling me watch, and who am I to argue with the smart people?

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Lyle said...

Hi Amy,

I've been reading your comments at Ragnell's for a while and decided to check out your blog and... well, I watch too much TV so I thought I'd chime in.

Have you looked at Ugly Betty on ABC (which, unfortunately, is against The Office)? I've been curious about this franchise ever since reading about the success (and feminist praise) of the original telenovela and the trailer looks promising. The source material was considered subversive for its time, hopefully this adaptation will keep that.

I'd agree with Loren that Heroes looks good, though I'd warn that the same annoyances as Lost come into play. I'm happy to have Adiran Pasdar on my TV again.

Have you checked out Battlestar Galactica's new time slot-mate Doctor Who? It's glossy and silly, but can be thought provoking like BSG. The first season didn't require any prior DW knowledge, so don't worry about that being a problem.

At 4:20 PM, Blogger Amy Reads said...

Hi Lyle,
Welcome! Glad you came over to read me babble about nothing in particular and very little about anything important. English major, you know. It's my job.
Re: Too Much TV, I don't believe there is such a thing, esp. as I am dissertating! I have heard the scuttlebutt about Ugly Betty and yes, I am very interested. But the sheer fact that it's on ABC is enough to scare me away (I only venture over for Lost and formerly Alias!). I think it's going to be one of those things I end up Netflixing.
re: Doctor Who, I have to refer to my answer regarding Veronica Mars. So. Many. Smart. People tell me to watch this show, and I think I'm just going to have to break down and watch it. I loved the original when I was a kid, but that was a Very Long Time Ago Indeed! Again with the Netflix, I think; I will check it out, forthwith!
I think I'm going to break down and watch the first few Heroes. We tried... Standoff? the other night, strictly for Gina Torres and Ron Livingston, and it reminded me so much of Eyes without being nearly as great as Eyes (RIP).
Any other recs?
Thanks! :)

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Amy, You must see Grey's Anatomy. I can't get enough of it. We're also fans of Smallville, but I have begun to lose interest.


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